Auburn Model 1703


Auburn Model 1703


Size: 4,307-SF

Living Space: 3,500-SF

Construction: concrete slab on grade with partial mechanical basement, 18" exterior walls with 13" ICF (Insulated Concrete Forming) backup wall with brick veneer, and Tesla solar roofing tiles in natural slate finish.

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3-1/2

Garage: 3-bays with one bay as a front and back pull through

Basement: partial mechanical

Attic: full mechanical

ICF Exterior Wall Fire Rating: 4-hours

Windows: equipped with spring loaded fire shutters

Heating: in-floor radiant heat

NOTE: Construction Documents (floor plans) are full size physical drawings that you can order from MCKIM GRESH Architects, LLP. Simply contact the architect at

The Construction Documents include the following drawing sheets: A1 Cover Sheet, A2 Reserved Blank - Site Plan, A3 Foundation & Basement Plan, A4 Level 1, A5 Level 2, A6 Roof Plan, A7 Level 1 Reflected Ceiling Plan, A8 Level 2 Reflected Ceiling Plan, A9 Exterior Elevations, A10 Exterior Elevations, A11 Building Sections, A12 Wall Sections, A13 Wall Sections, A14 Stairs and Stair Details, A15 Door Schedule & Door Details, A16 Window Schedule and Window Details, A17 Roof Details, A18 Exterior Details, A19 Details, A20 Details, A21 Details, A22 Level 1 Finishes & Furniture Plan, A23 Interior Elevations, and A24 Interior Elevations.

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